"Panzl had the Suite op 133 selected by Castelnuovo-Tedesco, and the 'Caprice en Forme de Valse' by Paul Bonneau. He impressed with the brilliant mastery of his instrument, knew how to make tasty the tonal finesse and beauty of the vibraphone to the audience."
Elisabeth Aumiller | Reichenhaller Tagblatt
"Gently, as the approach of the wind the Marimba sounds under Panzls play at the start, rising to fast rhythms, led by Panzl masterfully to voltage and sound intensity, reveals her unlikely wide dynamics, from barely audible spring swing up to the bell tower-like roar."
Marcus Vitolo | Kulturvision
"Largest enthusiasm elicited again the third set of Castelnuovo-Tedesco's suite as an encore and finished with a musical performance of world-class."
Marcus Vitolo | Kulturvision



Die Absurdität der Entropie-Krise – auf den Spuren des H-Theorems 




30.08.2016, 19:30

31.08.2016, 19:30

04.09.2016, 21:00

06.09.2016, 19:30


Künstlerische Leitung, Installation und Systemarchitektur: Thomas J. Jelinek
Komposition und Sound-Architektur: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong
Technische Konzeption, Video: Peter Koger
Tontechnik: Florian Bogner
Dramaturgie und Produktion: Georg Steker

Marian Kaiser (Text, Diskurs-Dramaturgie, Darsteller)
Marie Spaemann aka MELA (Cello und Stimme)
Pit Noak (Sound-Art und Programmierung)
Christina Hartl-Prager (Photografische Körper-Installation)
Max Hoffmann (Darsteller, Mathematik)
Gerald Nestler (Konzeptuelle Installation, Wirtschaft)
Lucie Strecker (Kryptographie, Feministischer Diskurs)
Florian Kmet (Co-Komposition, Gitarre)
Thomas Wagensommerer (Technische Installation und Spiel-Programmierung)
Louise Linsenbolz (Video, Darstellerin)
David Christopher Panzl (Multi-Perkussion, Entwicklung Sound-Scape)

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