"Panzl had the Suite op 133 selected by Castelnuovo-Tedesco, and the 'Caprice en Forme de Valse' by Paul Bonneau. He impressed with the brilliant mastery of his instrument, knew how to make tasty the tonal finesse and beauty of the vibraphone to the audience."
Elisabeth Aumiller | Reichenhaller Tagblatt
"Gently, as the approach of the wind the Marimba sounds under Panzls play at the start, rising to fast rhythms, led by Panzl masterfully to voltage and sound intensity, reveals her unlikely wide dynamics, from barely audible spring swing up to the bell tower-like roar."
Marcus Vitolo | Kulturvision
"Largest enthusiasm elicited again the third set of Castelnuovo-Tedesco's suite as an encore and finished with a musical performance of world-class."
Marcus Vitolo | Kulturvision

Concert Bad Reichenhall

October 21, 2014

Percussion effects from five countries.

10/28/14 Drums - and not Martin Grubinger in the forefront? Also there is. The multipercussionist born in Salzburg, lives in Vienna but David Christopher Panzl played these days in the Bad Reichenhall concert rotunda.

David Christopher Panzl studied in Vienna, then trained in New York and Tokyo and started a busy concert schedule. "Lines" is his solo program. With "Tribute" by Jeff Queen American was at the beginning. On a Pipe Drum Panzl excelled in a mixture of acrobatics and show elements. Powerful, brash and gaudy drowned out the rhythmic motor skills and with the hammers he led a right to dance, she whirled around, forward and backward and diagonally without slackening the vibrant chime. Crazy was this drum roll.

In striking contrast to the next line led to Taiwan. The composer Shih, his friend and mentor, Panzl dedicated the composition "A clock for six drums and a drummer", a piece with a poem that the composer had written in May 2011 to the death of his mother. Because how much Panzl realizes his music-making associated with experienced, brings the music as a lifeline to express. As silver Tonfäden agree the bowls (the Crotales) mysteriously tender blades of, in conjunction with the vibes of a glass harp or the movement of the wind comparable. Intricate Tontupfer lined up to fine Asian sound stimuli.

Viennese timpani come in Bruno Hartl "Shinkansen" and "JJ1" impressively thundering used. They are voted with their hands, says the drummer, it was still important tradition. Very delicate, the timpani roll and its powerful booming, and in between there was a whole range of skilful gradations to use force and tone color. That the impact of instruments so many differences in rhythm and intonation can be achieved in any number is a new surprise.

Japan has had a turn with two extraordinary works by Keiko Abe. "Itsuki no Komoriuta" that had premiered Panzl is written for marimba and piano. The pianist Yuka Katori played here the piano part, expressive and nimble-fingered and the precise interaction with Panzl, now on marimba. By Keiko Abe, Japanese composer and pioneering marimba virtuoso, also came "The Wave Impressions". It is based on a sad lullaby.

Again, very different qualities showed Panzl with his "Guaguancó" in Latin Percussion Congas three. With the palms of the basic rhythm is beaten on the middle drum, bass and variants on the other two. The drummer stands out with rich spectrum alternately wise crescendos and decrescendi in powerful use. Show effects include in such a concert to but David Christopher Panzl always knows to tell the music exciting musical stories.

Article from "DrehPunktKultur".

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